March 2024 marked a pivotal chapter in the journey of Sustainable Staffing, filled with numerous achievements and milestones. Among these, one accolade shines brightly – the honor of being named the Harvard Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Month. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication, not only in the realm of staffing, but also in our commitment to community service and philanthropic endeavors.  The acknowledgment from the Harvard COC, a community and organization we hold in high esteem, resonates deeply with us. It serves as validation of our mission and values.

We want to thank all who joined us in celebrating this significant achievement at our Harvard location. The event was a joyous occasion, marked by camaraderie and appreciation, with guests treated to an exquisite selection of refreshments.


DC Winery provided a delightful assortment of wine slushies, perfectly complementing the delicious pizzas from Angelo’s Pizza. Finally, satisfying the sweet tooth, Totally Cupcaked presented an array of delectable desserts tantalizing the taste buds. Each bite and sip served as a reminder of the collective efforts and shared successes that define Sustainable Staffing.

Through reflecting on this milestone, we are energized and inspired to continue making a positive impact on individuals and communities alike. Being recognized for our work fuels our passion and commitment to excellence. We are excited to embark on the next phase of our journey, dedicated to empowering individuals through sustainable staffing solutions and meaningful contributions to society.

Frozen drinks from DC Winery

Desserts by Totally Cupcaked