Business Growth

With decades in staffing, our team has both long-term experience and a passion for employment trends on the horizon. We call ourselves “sustainable” for a reason—we believe in building companies (both ours and yours) that are growing, socially and ecologically responsible, and that support a workforce that sustains both the company and the employee. Growth is a process, and Sustainable Staffing is your partner as you meet your company’s needs today and into the future. Oh… and that “hands on” part? We don’t want to just close a deal and then move on to the next project. We know your needs, we’re familiar with your industry, we learn all that we can about your unique niche so that we can make your job easier in addition to helping the bottom line.

Our Process for Providing Employer Solutions

Temporary Staffing

Temporary employment is an ideal solution for unpredictable workloads, project work, seasonal peaks, and other limited-term needs, such as a leave of absence. Temp positions typically have a set time frame, although temporary jobs can also lead to permanent placements. Temping is a flexible option for clients and talent alike. It helps clients save on employee costs and allows talent to build a resume and gain experience on different projects with different industries.

Direct Hire

When our client has a long-term need, a Direct Hire is ideal. Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions with benefits. We are involved during the recruitment and hiring process, but after an offer is accepted, the candidate goes directly onto our client’s payroll. Direct hire employees are eligible for company benefits such as health, retirement, and PTO, and have the security of a long-term, permanent position.


Temporary-to-hire is a way for our clients and candidates to test the waters. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to the company and to see if the culture is a good fit. Likewise, it allows our client to test our candidate for a predetermined period of time. Before entering into a temporary-to-hire situation, our client outlines the terms—how talent will be evaluated and when the contract period ends. Temporary-to-hire offers many benefits when both parties have sincere intentions.

Additional Services for Employers

Every company has some kind of indirect employee. Whether they’re temporary workers, interns, part-timers, retirees, or seasonal help, they do great work while they’re with you, but their time is always limited. Navigating the classification process for these individuals can be hard on administrative personnel. Our flexible payrolling services allow you to scale up or down quickly. We will assume the responsibility for your entire payroll process, so you can turn your attention to managing your core business. Once you put your employees on our payroll, we will handle taxes, Social Security (FICA), unemployment, workers’ compensation, disability insurance, and administrative/labor costs. You’ll still have total control over the screening, hiring, and managing of your staff, we will simply handle all payroll-related functions.
Sustainable Staffing will work at your facility directly with your HR department to coordinate and manage all of your staffing needs in a compliant manner. This includes planning for future staffing needs: recruiting, screening and hiring temporary employees, and monitoring worker performance. Our onsite staffing solution helps to relieve the pressure that comes with hiring.
Through Sustainable Staffing Advertising, our recruitment advertising division, we can write, design, and produce all your print, outdoor, and Internet recruitment advertising. When you need to hire, just give us the details about the position and we can hit the ground running to develop successful recruitment advertising. We offer this service to our clients at a discounted price.